Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Happy New Year…Hitting the Ground Running

Following holiday time with our families, we joined Dave and Lori for their B3/Union Winter Camp. Paul spoke several times and took the students through a series called Here and Now. Here and Now is a discipleship weekend that challenges students to engage in opportunities that God places before them right Here…right Now. We were able to witness one young man give his heart to Christ. We love seeing Lives Changed by Christ! We had a blast serving with Dave, Lori, the B3 Gang, the Union crowd, and the band Austin Colby (check out Oh yeah, and we hit the slopes too! Whitney learned to snowboard…and Paul had a fun time laughing at Whitney!

From Kentucky we headed East to Cedarville, Ohio for Cedarville University’s Missions Conference. We spent the week interacting with college students, connecting with short-term team leaders, and discipling students who expressed interest in missions. We had a great time interacting with out MK’s from across the globe and our President, Dr. Loftis, was the main speaker. It was a great week of ministry and we’re excited about the 6 Cedarville MIS trips that are happening this Summer with ABWE in different parts of the globe.

We then headed home via Canton, Ohio where we were able to connect with some of Paul’s best friends. Over some sweet Chipotle burritos, we caught up with each other, laughed, and enjoyed sharing about what all life has been throwing at us. We were able to see Tim (check out, Christina (check out, Jocelyn, Laura, and baby Harrison (sorry we missed you Cole!). We’re so blessed to have some incredible friends.

Eventually we made it back to Harrisburg…but only for a few days. Then we hopped on a plane and headed to Toronto, Ontario. Yikes…was it cold! We served alongside of our ABWE Canada friends and partners in ministry, Dave and Cathy Smith. We spent a day training a team from Heritage College that is going to England and Croatia this summer. That evening we drove northeast up to Coburg, Ontario and trained two teams heading to Jamaica. It's exciting to see students engaging in what God is doing globally. We finished off the weekend by visiting some of our co-workers living and serving amongst the Chinese in Toronto.

It has a been a wild month from December 13th until about January 18th, but we’re thankful for God’s provision and the unique opportunities he has brought across our path as we’ve journeyed North, South, East, and West.

Please join us in prayer as February promises to be an ACTIVE month as we head to Baptist Bible College and Liberty Univeristy for back-to-back weeks of missions conferences, interacting with students, and serving the Lord.

Family Fun

Over Christmas we had a wonderful time visiting family and friends. We started by traveling down to South Carolina for the Atkinson family gathering at Paul's grandparent's house. It was a great time of hanging with family, helping out with some minor construction projects, eating, laughing, and sharing gifts.

Then we flew across the country to spend time with the entire Baker clan. We had a wonderful time in San Francisco. Whitney was able to participate in her Dad’s church’s Christmas musical. It was a great opportunity for both of them to lead in worship and praise our Savior!

We then got to visit some of our friends, the Cohoon’s. It was a blast to see all of them, sample foods from all around the world, discuss ministry, and enjoy wonderful fellowship.

We then headed south down to San Diego making a wonderful stop at Six Flag’s Magic Mountain. Magic mountain did not disappoint delivering some great thrills!

We eventually made it to San Diego and had a wonderful time hanging out with all of our extended family. Family skits, sharing testimonies from 2008, opening presents, and joining Rony and Jaimee at their church for their Christmas Eve service with the entire family were just a few of the highlights…a wonderful Christmas!

We hopped back on a plane, headed East, then eventually drove West to join Paul’s parents, sister, and brother-in-law for New Year’s. We received an incredible surprise…Paul’s sister, Lori, is pregnant which will make us an Aunt and Uncle for the first time.

Needless to say we had a blast trekking across the country and spending time with our family. Family is such a wonderful gift. And we’re grateful to have the best families anyone could ask for.