Tuesday, April 21, 2009

A Lot to Celebrate

Well after a crazy time of traveling during February, we have been home now for nearly two months and have loved it! It has been great for relaxing, catching up on work, and taking some time to celebrate. Over the past month, we both have celebrated birthdays...and we noticed we're getting pretty old.

For Paul’s birthday in March, I (Whitney) surprised him with dinner at the Hershey Hotel. It's a pretty classy place and offers and incredible dining experience. Being a former restaurant manager, he loved it and we had a wonderful evening of fine dining.

For Whitney’s birthday, I (Paul) planned a little surprise. Thanks in part to all the travel we do for work, we had some mileage saved up so I was able to fly her out to California to spend her birthday with her parents. She was able to see her dad’s new Easter production: Light of Hope. She had a great time supporting her folks, hanging with Brensley, and touring San Francisco.

We also had a great Easter weekend and are so grateful that our lives have been changed by Christ. We had an incredible weekend at our church, LCBC, and took time to reflect upon Jesus who truly gives us life. Kelsey and Riley (2 of Whitney’s sisters) came up and we had a blast relaxing with family.

Please remember us in your prayers over the next few weeks. We will be traveling down to Lynchburg, VA at the beginning of May to walk for graduation. Whitney will be graduating with a Master of Arts in Human Services and Counseling. Paul will be graduating with a Master of Arts in Intercultural Studies. It’s kind of nice to be done studying for a little while. Paul will be leaving from there to help lead a short-term missions trip from Liberty to India. Please pray for their team as they go and impact parts of India with the love of Christ. Pray also for Whitney as she’ll be leading a team of students to Nicaragua in June. We’ve been blessed to be at home for the last few weeks, have enjoyed it, and are now ready for some more travel. Thanks for your prayers!