Wednesday, October 21, 2009

11 New Posts...Check em Out

To say that life has crazy busy over the past 2 months would be an understatement. We've lived out of a suitcase for most of that time and have traveled all across the East Coast. We've joked (although it's true) that by the time our little girl is born in February, she will have already visited over half of the United States.

We hope you enjoy reading below and checking out video and pictures from our last few weeks. There are 11 New Posts so keep scrolling down...keep scrolling...keep scrolling or click the October links on the left side of your page. Stuff at the top is the most recent...things lower down take you back to the beginning of September.


Pam D said...

Paul & Whitney, Congrats on being soon to be parents. I know you will make wonderful parents. It looks like you have been extremely busy, Just want to say hi, oh I am now in Hbg at Lakewood hills apts instead of Camp Hill
Pam Donbach

Paul and Whitney Atkinson said...

Pam...thanks for the encouragement. Yeah, lots going on. But its great! Thanks for helping us out when we first moved here! We really appreciate you working with us with the apartment. Best of luck at Lakewood Hills!


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