Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Moody Bible Institute: Divine Mosaic

From Connecticut, Whitney drove back to Harrisburg and I jumped a plane to the Windy City for Moody's Missions Conference. Chicago was great to visit and it was a wonderful week of ministering on their campus. I was joined by several colleagues: Dan Branda, Debbie Branda, Aurora Branda, George Collins, Ben Collins, Jack Shiflett, and Ron Barnes. Jack and Ron did a great job teaching seminars throughout the week. I met with students interested in short-term opportunities and internships. It turned out to be a busy and productive week. Folks from the Dalit Freedom Network (DFN) were there and shared about what is going on with Dalit's in India. It was great to see them again as our local church is partnering with DFN to help see change produced through the advancement of education, economic development, social awareness, and of course, the Gospel.

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